PEN-TUF®/EN Datasheet

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PTFE Co-Deposited or Infused with Electroless Nickel

Co-Deposited PEN-TUF®/EN

PEN-TUF®/EN is an Electroless Nickel Composite coating containing particles of PTFE evenly dispersed
in a Nickel Phosphorous matrix. The PTFE particles are suspended in the Electroless Nickel bath and so
they are uniformly co-deposited during the plating process. By combining the lubricity of PTFE with
many features of Electroless Nickel, PEN-TUF®/EN is able to meet a broad range of engineering
applications. PTFE is one the most lubricious materials available and, when co-deposited with
Electroless Nickel, it provides a superior wear coating with a coefficient of friction around 0.1. The
Electroless nickel content of the PEN-TUF®/EN coatings ensures uniform coating thickness, corrosion
resistance and durability. Typical thickness of the coating ranges between 0.0001″-0.0004″. If a thicker
coating is required, an undercoat of Electroless Nickel can be applied. Co-Deposited PEN-TUF®/EN
meets the AMS2454 2012-04 specification.

Infused PEN-TUF®/EN

AST Infused PEN-TEF®/EN is an ideal coating for mold release and corrosion resistance applications. It
is a Mid-Phosphorous Electroless Nickel coating that is sprayed with PTFE which is then baked into the
pore structure to give exceptional release properties. Typical coating thickness is 0.0003″-0.002″.

Physical Properties