Your Metal Finishing Solution

Process & Specification List

Process Specifications
Electroless Nickel
(RoHS Compliant)
Mid-Phosphorous AMS (MIL)-C-26074, AMS 2404, ASTM B-733
Encorr (High-Phosphorous) Same as above
Electroless Nickel with PTFE RoHS Complicant
(co-deposited with PTFE)
AMS 2454
(infused with PTFE)
Electroless Nickel on Magnesium
(RoHS Compliant)
MID and High Phorusphorus, Tin Plating
Electroless Nickel with Boron Nitride
Black Electroless Nickel RoHS Complicant
Sulfamate Nickel
(RoHS Complicant)
QQ-N-290, (AMS-QQ-N-290), AMS 2403, ASTM B 689
Bright Electrolytic Nickel QQ-N-290, (AMS-QQ-N-290), AMS 2403, ASTM B 689
(Type I, Type II, Type III)
MIL-G-45204, (MIL-DTL-45204), ASTM B-488, AMS 2422
Silver AMS QQ-S-365, ASTM B 700
Bright Acid Tin MIL-T-10727, Type I, ASTM B-545
(including testing & certifications)
QQ-P-35, AMS-QQ-P-35, ASTM A-967, AMS 2700, ASTM A-380
Chromate Conversion Coating Non Hexacalent (RoHS) and Hexavalent MIL-C-5541, MIL-DTL-5541, ASTM-B-449, AMS 2473, AMS 2474
Black Oxide
(iron based substrates only)
(Chemical / Mechanical Burnishing)
Tumble Blasting
Additional Services
Masking: Plugging Holes
Masking: Surface Masking
Post Plating Heat Treat: Nickel Hardness / Adheasion
Post Plating Heat Treat: Hydrogen Embrittlement
Parts Stripping

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