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Tin Plating

AST provides a Bright Acid Tin plating compliant to MIL-T-10727, Type I and ASTM B 545. Our tin plating processes facilitate soldering and improve anti-galling properties in steel, brass, copper, plus numerous other substrates, which otherwise have poor solderability. Tin plating exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity in a variety of electrical as well as electronic components.


Type I Electrodeposited
Finish offered at AST Bright Tin
Thickness Classes Class A -   0.0001" (2.5um)Class B -   0.0002" (5 um) Class C -   0.00032" (8 um) 0.0004" for steel (10 um) Class D -   0.0006" (15 um) 0.0008" for steel (20 um) Class E -   0.0012" (30 um) Class F - 0.00006" (1.5 um)
Finish offered at AST Bright Tin


Substrates SteelMagnesium Aluminum Stainless Steel Brass Bronze Nickel Copper
Finish Bright Tin
Underplate Nickel
Plating Capabilities Barrel Plating LinesRack Plating Lines
Additional Capabilities MaskingPlugging Parts Stripping Parts-Cleaning
Standards Met Mil-T-10727, Type IASTM B 545
Process Advantages SolderabilityCorrosion Resistance Anti-galling Ductility Low Contact Resistance

Additional Information

Applications High-Tech Electronic ComponentsElectric Bus Bars Bearing Surfaces Electrical Contacts
Industries AerospaceElectronics Computer Automotive Medical Recreational Products
Certifications ISO 9001
Quality System Features Dedicated to company-wide continuous improvementIn-house laboratory facilities
Environmental System Features State-of-the-art, computer-controlled waste treatment system
Professional Associations and Awards
  • Charter member of the Strategic Goals Program, a cooperative effort between the metal finishing industry and EPA
  • Recipient of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Award
  • National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF)
  • American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (AESF)
Service Features
  • Production scheduling and production flexibility that minimize turnaround time
  • A staff that understands the importance of quick response for our customers
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