What is Electroless Nickel with Boron Nitride Plating?

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Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel PlatingBoron Nitride Electroless Nickel (BNEN) plating is one of the most technologically advanced composite plating processes in the industry. Compared to the multitude of choices for metal finishing services  available, what are the advantages of Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel Plating? What applications and industries benefit from this new technology?

Boron Nitride is a chemical compound in which its chemical formula BN consists of equal numbers of boron and nitrogen atoms. The hardness of Boron nitride is inferior only to diamond. Because of excellent thermal and chemical stability, Boron Nitride is widely used in mechanical applications. Boron nitride is not found in nature and is therefore produced synthetically from boric acid or boron trioxide. The cubic (sphalerite structure) variety, called c-BN is formed when BN is prepared with a nanostructure dominated by fine twin domains of average thickness ~3.8 nm. In this form, its hardness exceeds that of synthetic diamond, and its thermal and chemical stability are superior to diamond.

BNEN is a precise hybrid-engineered coating that achieves highly demanding tolerances and provides both hardness and lubricity. The combination of these attributes solve multiple problems simultaneously. Complex assemblies of moving internal parts will benefit from BNEN. Along with exceptionally low coefficient of friction, ability to withstand temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and the high abrasion resistance, industries such as aerospace, airframe, medical devices and automotive will benefit greatly.

Benefits of BNEN include:

• Reduced wear on valuable tools, equipment, etc.
• Improved release properties of molds and dies
• Eliminates liquid lubricants
• Reduced galling
• Noise reduction
• Uniform, no post plate grinding
• Superior protection against abrasion
• No reduction in fatigue strength of substrates
• Allows lighter substrates in abrasive conditions

Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc. (AST) is proud to offer Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel Plating among their complete line of  metal plating services.

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