Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel

Boron Nitride Electroless Nickel (BNEN) plating service provides a composite deposition of Electroless Nickel and Boron Nitride particles. This plating is one of our advanced composite plating operations ideal for parts that require both hardness as well as lubricity. Deposit Benefits include exceptionally low coefficient of friction, superior release and excellent wear resistance. BNEN can be coated to thicknesses ranging from .00005-.002 inches. Unlike EN-PTFE, EN Boron Nitride deposits can be heat treated to attain maximum hardness for very severe wear applications. Advanced Surface Technologies can deposit the Electroless Nickel with Boron Nitride on Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Magnesium, Stainless Steel and Steel.

Deposit characteristics include:

  • Physical appearance Matte
  • Hardness (VHN/) (as plated) 550
  • ( heat treated @ 400º C/1 hr) 850
  • Melting range º C ( º F) 880-1200 ( 1620-2190)
  • Magnetic Properties magnetic
  • 6-8% b.w (15-20% b.v) BN particles in the deposit
  • Uniform Deposit
  • Heat treatable
  • Lowest COF of all composites tested
  • COF decreases with increasing load
  • Unlike PTFE, BN is very hard and resistant to temperatures up to 1200°C
  • Uniform particle distribution
  • Numerous wear and low COF applications
  • Reduces wear on valuable tools, equipment, etc.
  • Improve release properties of molds and dies
  • Eliminates liquid lubricants
  • Reduces galling
  • Noise reduction
  • Uniform, no post plate grinding
  • Superior protection against wear
  • No reduction in fatigue strength of substrates
  • Allows use of lighter substrates

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Additional Information

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  • Dedicated to company-wide continuous improvement
  • In-house laboratory facilities
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  • Charter member of the Strategic Goals Program, a cooperative effort between the metal finishing industry and EPA
  • National Association of Metal Finishers (NAMF)
  • American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (AESF)
  • Recipient of the Colorado Environmental Leadership Award
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