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Electroless Nickel PlatingWhat is Electroless Nickel Plating?

 This is  high quality metal finish on Nickel by the firm of AST. (Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc). AST specializes in electroless nickel plating as well as silver and tin plating, plating on magnesium, passivation and chemical conversion coatings.

Quality control

 Priding themselves of keeping up a high standard of quality control in their workplace, and having been in the metal finishing service since 1968, they are well qualified in their profession.  Many of their customer’s are top machine shops requiring stringent precision in their finishes.

AST is the biggest nickel plating firm in Colorado, with as many as seven operating lines to accommodate the variety of substrates and sizes for plating. Furthermore, they are the largest area specialists in plating silver, gold and platinum.

The art of Electroless Plating

Electroless Plating is a very specialized and exact profession and there is no room for error. All has to end perfectly finished along the line.

It is possible to do electroless plating on many alloys, even on magnesium, E-Nickel with PTFE, and Electrolytic Nickel. Chromate Conversion coatings are done on magnesium or aluminum, REM and passivation. Tumble burnishing is available as well.

The workplace

The plant size of 58,000 sq.ft. is specially designed for a finishing procedure facility, which ranges from accommodating small metallic ceramic chips used for computers, to the big mining and oil exploration industrial parts which weigh more than a thousand pounds and are extremely heavy. AST also provides service finishing to many industries, including that of electronics, aerospace, automotive, computer, medical and products that are used for the recreation industry.

Essential competitive pricing

 On today’s market it is ever important to remain competitive with pricing. It is so easy to over price yourself from your competitors and lose contracts. Far better to undercut others, and maybe carry a small loss yourself than to lose your market placing. Using the wise philosophy of employee participation in the business at AST encourages productivity improvement, safety conditions and employee suggestions, which all helps to the control of costing and a good working environment.

Customer participation

 Working together with customers on a design or else to redesign products, increases general efficiency, quality improvement and cooperation when processing products for them and meeting the deadlines.

Timely delivery of goods

 Delivering finished products on time and meeting scheduled deliveries is all important. A schedule in the workplace to determine and finalize the production date is the essence of any company. At AST an on-time performance is measured on a monthly routine to keep up and improve continuity. AST regards this as one of their corporate goals and measures for ISO 9001.

Silver plated items. Particularly eating utensils, although hardwearing eventually need to be replated as the plating discolors with time. Even silver cutlery and articles such as silver candlesticks or silver trays looks brighter after undergoing the replating process. The Buffing of Jewelry items improves their appearance, and nickel plated and other items undergoing the electroless procedure provided by AST are certainly enhanced.

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