Copper Plating Case Study

Copper Plating Case Study

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Meet our Customer for this Copper Plating Case Study

As an international food machinery manufacturer, millions of people rely on our customer’s equipment to quench their  thirst with cold beverages. Their equipment can be found hard at work in frequented restaurant chains, popular hotels, big name coffee shops, sweeping grocery stores, multiplex theaters and other places where people can purchase cold drinks.


Our customer came to us experiencing 30% product fallout during the plating cycle on their fabricated parts. That is no small percentage since the parts are composed of copper, with the biggest tray boldly fashioned out of up-to 30 pounds of the semi-precious metal. Our customer was becoming increasingly frustrated by machines going out of order and the rising costs of repairs. The company knew it needed to improve its product line, and fast. They wanted a plating supplier that could better serve them so they could continue serving their customers.

Up for the Challenge

This was no ordinary plating job requiring us to plate multiple metals at one time. The fix called for us to vastly change our prep process, not only our undercoats but also how we treat the copper. We implemented a much more robust cleaning practice and applied other metal undercoats before applying the actual plating. By doing so, we could not only protect the fabricated copper parts from corrosion, but also meet rigorous FDA standards for any machine parts that come in contact with food and beverage.


By approaching the problem in a unique manner as we have shown in this copper plating case study, we solved a manufacturing crisis that lowered the 30% fallout rate to an astonishing .5%, resulting in exciting growth for our customer. It’s no wonder they view us as a partner, treating us as part of their internal team.

Oftentimes the word “partnership” is used when describing the relationship between a company and their supplier.  There is no better example of a truly mutually- beneficial partnership than ours with Advanced Surface Technologies.  From the onset of our relationship with them, they have been exemplary; completely transparent and always willing to be of service.

V.P. of Operations
Food Machinery Manufacturer

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