Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc. has Nadcap Accreditation for Chemical Processing and Aerospace Quality Systems. Find out more about the details of these accreditations by viewing the scope documents below.

Nadcap Chemical Processing is the certification required for metal plating companies to provide service to the defense and aerospace industry.  In 2016 Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc. (AST) sought and received this certification after a rigorous procedure and process audit by Performance Review Institute.  AST can now provide metal plating for prime contractors like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, ULA, Rockwell and many others.  If you need certified metal plating services, please call on us.

AST has dedicated lines depending on the substrate (the metal alloy) that needs plating.  This is significant because different metals require different cleaning and activation methods.  The result of this is better adhesion or bond strength, between the metal part and the plating.  Although we don’t have any testimonials that we can cite, we are often told that AST has better NADCAP quality plating than other platers.

AST is one of the larger electroless nickel plating jobbers in the U.S.  One of our distinctive advantages is our close working relationships with suppliers.  Some of our “R&D” requests have resulted in refinement of their chemistry and have become regular products now sold in their line.

In order to become Nadcap® certified, companies have to pass an audit of both their Quality System and their Manufacturing Processes.  Vendors must maintain a quality system that conforms to the Aerospace Quality System Standard.  They then must demonstrate that their manufacturing methods meet or exceed the requirement of specifications demanded by the prime contractors and checklist requirements prepared by PRI.

In AST’s case, the quality audit was a full day and the production process audits required four days. Auditors reviewed company procedures, records and witnessed how work is performed by company production personnel.  All vendors seeking accreditation must correct deficiencies, to the satisfaction of a PRI Staff Engineer, before accreditation is granted.  Accredited companies are typically audited annually to demonstrate that all practices remain in compliance with aerospace specifications.