Electroless Nickel Plating with PTFE

PEN-TUF®/EN (Co-Deposited Electroless Nickel with PTFE) or Electroless Nickel Plating with PTFE

PEN-TUF®/EN is an Electroless Nickel Composite coating containing particles of PTFE evenly dispersed in a Nickel Phosphorus matrix. During the plating process the PTFE particles are suspended in the Electroless Nickel bath creating a uniform co-deposit.

By combining the lubricity of PTFE with many features of Electroless Nickel, PEN-TUF®/EN is able to meet a broad range of engineering applications. PTFE is one of the most lubricious materials available and when co-deposited with Electroless Nickel it provides a superior wear coating with a coefficient of friction around 0.1. The Electroless nickel content of our PEN-TUF®/EN coatings ensures uniform coating thickness, corrosion resistance, and durability. Typical thicknesses of the coating range between .0001-.0004”. If a thicker coating is required an undercoat of Electroless Nickel can be applied.


PEN-TUF®/EN can be applied to a variety of substrates, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, magnesium and brass to improve the performance of moving parts used in high speed/moderate load carrying applications.


Nickel 84% – 85% by weight
Phosphorus 9% – 11% by weight
PTFE 8% – 9% by weight (23%-25% by Volume)
PTFE Particles 0.3 – 0.4 micro meter diameter
Density 6.5 g/cm3



As plated 32-35 RC
Heat treated 42-46 RC (300°C/4 hrs)


Coefficient of Friction:       

Wet (white oil) 0.07-0.10
Dry 0.1-0.2


Other Physical Properties:

Wear Resistance High speed/low load
Slow speed/moderate load
Abrasion Resistance (Tabor Abrader Test) CS-10 Wheel; 1000 g load
Weight loss, 20 mg/1000 cycles
Corrosion Resistance (ASTM B-117 Salt Spray) 0.0002″ thickness (96 hrs)
Electrical Resistance 0.06 Ohms per square inch
0.00084″ thickness

Advanced Surface Technologies Infused PEN-TUF®/EN is an ideal coating for mold release and corrosion resistance applications. It is a MidPhosphorus Electroless Nickel coating that is sprayed with a Fluorocarbon PTFE that is then baked into the pore structure of the Electroless Nickel giving exceptional release properties.


Thickness .0003-.002”
Hardness 54-58 RC
Phosphorus 7%-9% by Weight
Corrosion Resistance 100 hours Salt Spray at .0003”


Additional Information:

Applications Electrical Components
Structural Components
Consumer Electronics
Industries Served Automotive
Household Appliances
Oil & Gas Equipment
Medical Equipment
Recreational Equipment
Tool & Die
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